Greenacres Private College

Greenacres Private College is located in Meyerton, just off the R59 Johannesburg- Vereeniging Highway.

The school was founded in 1999, and opened its doors in January 2000 to Grade 8 and 9 pupils. 2003 saw the first Grade 12 pupils matriculating.

We are registered with the Gauteng Department of Education and the Independent Examination Board. At Greenacres Private College we recognise that each pupil has his/her own potential, and we strive towards developing that, creating a positive atmosphere in which effective learning can take place, remembering always that learning is fundamentally connected to a pupilⳠintrinsic motivation to seek meaning in his /her own world.

Greenacres is part of Destiny Changers Educators Group who works closely with the academic staff to ensure optimum efficiency and maintain high standards in and out of the classroom.

Mission Statement

As a school, our first priority is the children who have been entrusted to us by their parents; we must provide each child with the best and broadest education of mind, spirit and body, so that they may face up to the challenges of life with both fortitude and enthusiasm.

To do this we work within the framework provided by the Department of Education, striving always to add enrichment thereto so that our pupils may be able to avail themselves of all the educational opportunities offered both here and elsewhere in this changing world.

A most important partner in education is the parent, and liaison and co-operation between parent and school is vital for the overall development of the child; this must be a relationship of mutual trust and respect so that the child may flourish in a nurturing atmosphere both at home and at school. Our pupils must realise the responsibilities of good citizenship and support the community in which they live and learn.

Staff members will be encouraged to develop professionally so as to offer pupils the most up-to-date educational theory and practice.

Destiny Changers Educators Group strives to positively and meaningfully influence the future lives and careers of all DCEG's learners and students through out highest quality and specifically focused educational programmes and develo9pmental solutions in an atmosphere of familiness.


Mr H.J. van der Hoven



Deputy Administrator



Miss F. Choonara

School Administration

Mrs P. Marsh



Head of Department



Ms F. Choonara


Mrs M. Aggenbach

Senior Phase

Ms J. Erasmus


Mrs S. Lombaard


Ms J. Shand



Subject Educators


Mrs M. van Rooyen


Ms J. Shand


Ms J. Erasmus


Mrs M. Aggenbach


Mrs J. De Koker


Ms Z. Jordaan


Ms F. Choonara


Mr L. Fourie


Mrs K. van der Watt


Mrs Z. van Vuuren




Sport Coordinator

Ms J. Erasmus

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